Professor in the Analysis of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

Fellow in Applied Mathematics, The Queen’s College

Phone: +44 1865 615125

Office: S1.16


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Research Group & ERC Advanced Grant

Next Conferences/Events:

UK-China Workshop on Emerging Issues in Applied and Geometric PDEs, Online Workshop, Department of Mathematics, Wuhan University, June 24-26, 2021.

Workshop and Summer School on Kinetic Theory and Related Applications, Online Conference, CSRC, Beijing, June 28 – July 3, 2021.

Durham Days of Analysis and PDE 2021, Online Summer School, Department of Mathematics, Durham University, July 1-6, 2021.

African Mathematical School (AMS) in “Mathematical Methods in Analysis and Probability” (2MAP), AIMS-Ghana, August 17-28, 2021.

Visiting Scholar at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, August 20-September 22, 2021.

Kinetic and fluid equations for collective dynamics, Online Summer School, Department of Mathematics, Université de Bordeaux, August 23-26, 2021.

Member of the Scientific Committee: 12th Forum of Partial Differential Equations, Banach Center, September 19-25, 2021.

Co-organiser of a thematic programme at the Newton Institute: Frontiers in kinetic theory: connecting microscopic to macroscopic scales – KineCon 2022.

Plenary Speaker at SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (PD22), March 14-18, 2022, Berlin, Germany

Member of the Scientific Committee: XVIII International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications, June 22-26, 2020 (postponed to June 2022).

Mathematical models for bio-medical sciences, Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, 29 June – 3 July 2020, Italy (postponed to June 2022).

Co-organiser of a conference at the Sirius Mathematical Center: Variational Methods in Nonlinear Nonlocal PDEs, Oct 4 – 10, 2020, Sochi, Russia (postponed to October 2022).

Plenary Speaker at European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications – ENUMATH 2021, Lisbon, Portugal (postponed to September 2023)

Past Events

Curriculum Vitae

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